AltIMU-10 V5 yaw angles is very bad

Hi everybody !

I’m using AltIMU-10 V5 with Arduino uno and I’m using this library.My problem is bad yaw angles.When I turn the AltIMU-10 V5 on the yaw axis, I see wrong degrees. (for example; I get the 120 degree for 90 degree turning).I calibrate my magnetometer with this library.I’m beginner for imu sensors.Maybe you can help me.

The min/max magnetometer calibration method helps, but does not always work well.

You might find the more advanced method used in this post helpful.

Hello, ArUco.

A yaw angle that is off by 30 degrees is pretty bad for an AltIMU that is calibrated using values obtained from our LIS3MDL Calibrate sketch. Can you verify that you are calibrating in an environment that is not under the influence of hard or soft-iron distortions? What are the six calibration values you are using?


Thank you Jon for your comment.I calibrated my AltIMU in a computer lab :smile: so my calibration was very bad.Now I calibrated my AltIMU in my home and result is better than the old.But still AltIMU has a few problem.I get the 85-95 degree for 90 degree turning.What should I do for better yaw degrees ? And these are my calibration values:
M_X_MIN -1265
M_Y_MIN -5483
M_Z_MIN +2094
M_X_MAX +4174
M_Y_MAX +333
M_Z_MAX +7763

Those values seem okay, though if you are not already doing so, you should ensure that the AltIMU is pointing in every direction while you are running the calibration routine (e.g. imagine painting the inside of a basketball with the tip of the AltIMU).

Since you are getting yaw values that are both above and below your target about equally, you might try implementing a running average.

If your AltIMU is still not as accurate as you would like after making those changes, you might consider performing the more advanced calibration routine Jim_Remington mentioned.