AltIMU-10 V5 Roll,pitch and yaw value problems

Hello everyone, I bought a new AltIMU - 10 V5 by listening advices given to me about stable values of AltIMU -10 V5. Firstly, I used the compass calibration code to calibrate sensor and wrote them to MiniIMU9 + Arduino AHRS code. Then, I uploaded MiniIMU9 + Arduino AHRS code to Teensy 3.5 which is connected to AltIMU-10 V5. Actually, data printed to serial monitor look like it is okay at the beginning. However, if I rotate sensor according to Z-axis, I’m taking very inconsistent yaw angles. Furthermore, roll and pitch angles are consistent to an extent. For example, if I rotate y-axis up to 90, x-axis is approximately stable, but if I rotate y-axis over 90 degrees, values of x-axis are increasing immediately up to 100 degrees. This situation is valid both roll and pitch.

I will enter a competition with my friends, and we have to use theses values to build a camera stabilizer according to changing azimuth,roll and pitch degrees. How should I configure this sensor correctly?

The symptoms you report suggest that you need to use a better calibration procedure for the magnetometer, but calibrating the accelerometer might also help. See this forum post

Thanks for your response! I will try this process for magnetometer values. However, What should I do for roll and pitch, accelerometer configuration is required for roll and pitch values? If answer is yes, How can I configure accelerometer?

The same basic method works for both sensors, and that is required for best accuracy. Great tutorial at