All I2C Commands to TIC T825 Hang Arduino

I’m having trouble communicating with a T825 over I2C. I can post example code, but my problem is this: occasionally, the T825 will become inaccessible over I2C. Any tic. code hangs the Arduino and the code won’t continue. I’m seeing the “Periodically blink twice” LED error code, but I can’t seem to clear it over I2C. I’ve tried starting my code with:

  • exitSafeStart
  • clearDriverError
  • reset

But all seem to hang.

Any hints on how to make my I2C communications more reliable? The I2C connection is maybe 3" long so I’m not concerned about cable length.

This one’s on me. I needed external pullups on the I2C line, or I2C in general just hung. Whoops.


I am glad to hear you found the problem and got it working; thank you for letting us know what the problem was.

Good luck on your project!