AGC pin on the compact TB67S249FTG driver

The Arduino shield I will be using with the compact TB67S249FTG stepper drivers (#3096) shorts the AGC pin to the adjacent Reset pin. Is this appropriate or do I want to pull this pin before I solder all the pins and potentially reroute it elsewhere?

Arduino Uno (genuine)
Red 4-axis stepper shield V3.00 (old Protoneer design)
(4) compact TB67S249FTG stepper drivers
Use: small hobby CNC with moderate NEMA 23 steppers


Connecting the AGC pin to the reset pin is fine, but it causes the AGC pin to be pulled high during operation (since nRST is high) which enables the AGC feature. If you want independent control of AGC, you should connect the pin separately like you described.


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That’s what I needed to know. Thank you very much.