Advice for microcontrollers & motor controllers

I am building a device which will make use of 3 linear actuators, model (LACT12P), the datasheet is found at
please any recomendations for which programple microcontroller & motor controller is good for this project. can I command the motor controller by the PC direct ? which way is recomanded?
the three actuators will stand in fixed plate and connected by another one at the top, the motion of the top-plate should controlled by commanding the actuators.



We recommend our jrk 21v3 motor controller with feedback for use with those linear actuators (did you see the section at the bottom of the linear actuator product page titled “Using a jrk motor controller with a linear actuator with feedback”?). The jrk can be directly connected to a computer via USB, and while you can control it with our jrk configuration software, you likely will want to write your own software to provide a better interface for controlling three jrks at once.

- Ben