Advanced serial commands for jrk 12v12

Hi to all,
I’m a new user and for a project a selecto pololu motor controller jrk 12v12. I use it as position control.
For a specific application I need to modify current limitation and max duty cycle of PWM signal control.
I see that they are changable by windows application by usb but I need to modify this and other parameters by microcontroller by serial trasmission. On user guide I don’t see commands for modify paramteres of controller. I ask you if I can have advanced commands for modify motor parameters and error configuration by microcontroller.

Thanks to all.


There are not serial commands for changing those parameters. Those parameters are stored on the EEPROM and can be only be accessed through the native USB interface (e.g. using the Jrk Configuration Utility or the Pololu USB SDK).

- Jeremy