Adjusting current in 1/16th microstep mode - A4988

Newbie question here about A4988.

Is it ok to adjust Vref while in 1/16th microstep mode? If I understand correctly, I’m reading 100% actual current limit with this setting. Do I miss something?

If I do this in full step mode, I will read 70% of the actual current limit.

Instruction called for adjusting in full step. Just want to make sure I could do it in 1/16th w/o redoing my setup.



It sounds like you are trying to set the current limit on your A4988 by measuring the current through a coil directly. When doing that the microstepping mode and the exact step you are on matters. That is why we generally recommend setting the current limit by measuring the voltage on VREF instead. That VREF measurement is independent of the microstepping mode. Instructions for setting the current limit with VREF are in this blog post and video.