Add H-bridge to jrk 21v3 to drive larger motor

I’m a noob, please be gentle!

I have a jrk 21v3 motor controller, but need to drive a larger motor than the jrk is rated for.

I think the simple solution is to add a h-bridge amplifier.

I think I could make my own h-bridge by using 4 solid state relays, or buy a pre-made unit.

I prefer to buy a pre-made unit. The ones sold by Pololu as motor controllers have PWM and direction as their input, so I don’t think they will work.

I’m looking for advice on how to make the controller I have work with higher loads.


It is probably not practical to use the outputs of a motor driver to control another motor driver. If your input voltage is 16V or less you might be able to use the jrk12v12. If not, you might consider modifying your system to work with a RoboClaw, which also handles feedback, but has higher power versions. If you don’t need feedback, or can implement it yourself externally, that opens up additional motor controller options as well.