About VRef of MP6500 Stepper motor driver is too high and could not adjust

Hi Every one. I am Khanh.
I just receive 2 MP6500 (Link of MP6500) drivers and trying to run with my Motor (Data sheet)
I tried to wire everything like the tutor. The problem is I could not adjust the Current Limit as required. I supply the board by DC 5.23V. I measure the VRef (VMOT and the Potentiometer, rotated them as much as possible. The results is VRef from 4.35V to 5.23V.
I am wondering about this matter and hesitate to connect my motor yet. Please confirm and guide me to use MP6500 driver.
These are some of picture.

this is the minimum of VRef I could make

Hello, Khanh.

I noticed you posted in another thread about this. Your problem seems different enough to justify its own thread and your post here contained the same information, so I deleted your post in that thread (to keep it organized) and will continue the discussion here.

In your pictures it looks like you are measuring the voltage between VREF (via the top of the potentiometer) and VMOT instead of between VREF and GND. Can you try measuring VREF using GND as your reference instead?

- Patrick

Thank PatrickM for answering my question even in new year holiday.
I did not understand clearly about Measuring voltage between VREF and GND.
Today I tried to measuring follow to your guide and I could make it now.
I tried to connect the motor and it runs now.
Thanks again, guy, and Happy New Year from Japan