About using Jrk21v3 with Battery

Hi, I’m Donghoon Chae working on a flow control valve. For experiment, I’m using i00600 servo motor and Jrk21V3 as a controller. I supplied power with SMPS with 24V, 3A output. However, SMPS’s power supply capacity looks insufficient to make the servo move smoothly. So, I’m planning to apply a battery on this servo.(To make the whole system quick and light as well) However, since I have not much knowledge about electric things, I need your advice.

Here is the battery I selected & reason for that. but I’m not sure it is done right.

The battery spec is :
full charged voltage: 12.6V
nominal voltage: 10.95V
capacity: 2800 mAh
discharging current: Max 2A

The reason is:
I’m planning to operate the valve about 1 minute. The data sheet of Jrk21v3 says it operates at 5~28V & 3A maximum continuous. When the current max out, on of Jrk21v3’s component explodes.(I experience this phenomena) So I have to choose battery which has voltage and current output within that range. The battery capacity would not be a problem since it operates for short time.

However, some people say that this choice of battery would significantly lower the servo motor’s capability. And choice of battery current should be greater. They say, excessive level of current(for example 5A) would not be a problem because the battery out put is decided by the Jrk21v3’s requirement. So, even I put 12V 5A max battery on it, the battery would not spit out more than 3A because the Jrk21v3 does not need more that 3A. Is this true? If so, I’m considering 24V, 5A battery on it. Or could you guys make a recommendation of battery for me?


Hello, Donghoon.

The Jrk will draw the current it needs from the battery. Batteries do not “push” current through the controller, so you should make sure to use a battery that has enough capacity to handle your motor and that it is in the correct voltage range.

In your case, the voltage range on your battery is fine, but as you noted it has a max discharge current of 2A, and the Torxis can draw upwards of 3A at full load. If this happens, the battery voltage will likely dip and possibly cause resets or brownouts. If your application will not use the full power of the Torxis servo, your 2A supply might be fine, but it should be safe to use the 12V 5A battery you mentioned. In either case, you can also use the Jrk’s current limiting feature to help prevent excessive draw. You can configure the Jrk’s “Max current” in the “Motor” tab of the Jrk Configuration Utility, and the response to the “Max. current exceeded” error can be set in the “Errors” tab. You can find more information about these options in the “Motor Options” and “Error Response Options” sections of the Jrk user’s guide respectively.


Thank you BrandonM! Your advice helped me a lot! Now I can connect 12V 5A battery without fear of making jrk explode!