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A post was split to a new topic: Help with Qik 2s12v10

When I connected the 36v4 (#3730) to my 24V, 15A supply, the 3.3V regulator, which is part of my support circuit, overheated. In order to isolate the problem, I simplified the circuit. It is now SO simple, I am sure I am overlooking something obvious. The circuit now consists ONLY of my 24V supply connected to VIN and GND and also to the In and Gnd of the Eletechsup DD40A regulator which I have adjusted to output ~3.3V, and the output of that supply connected ONLY to IOREF and GND on the 36v4. The regulator still overheats! I have tried this with two different 36v4 boards and two regulators with the same results. I would expect the IOREF to require very little current, especially when NOTHING else is connected to the 36v4. What am I overlooking?