About 18v25a motor driver.

Hello first of all. I have an 18v25a motor driver. Can I use it as a signal by making use of its 3.3v(out) output?

Can I drive the motor with the 3.3v output of my 18v25 card? (if we connect it to the pwm input)

the card in my hand : Pololu G2 High-Power Motor Driver 18v25


It is not exactly clear what you are proposing. The 3V3 pin on the 18v25 provides a constant 3.3V output whenever the driver is enabled. It only provides a few milliamps, which can be useful as a reference or for powering small external circuits, but it should not be connected to other external power supply lines or devices that require a lot of current, like motors.

If that description does not answer your question, can you try to elaborate more on what you want to do? A diagram showing your proposed connections would be helpful.

- Patrick

I want to start my motor by logging in directly to the pwm input of my motor driver. Can I do this with the 3.3v output of my motor driver?

I gave my drive a 24vdc input. And I measured the 3.3v Voltage and was correct. 3.3 comes in a healthy form.

I want to enable PWM and DIR inputs.

It still is not clear to me what you are describing. Can you post a diagram that shows your proposed connections?

- Patrick

Hello. When I make a connection to the motor driver that I have shared in the attachment, is there anything that prevents the motor from working?

With those connections I would expect the driver to power the motor at 100% duty cycle with the current flowing from OUTA to OUTB whenever a supply is connected to VIN and GND. Using it like that should generally be fine; however, I am not sure why you would want to use it that way. It would not be possible to drive the motor with a lower duty cycle (for lowering the speed) or to change the motor’s direction with the PWM and DIR pins hardwired to the 3V3 (out) pin. At that point, it seems like you could achieve the same behavior by just connecting your motor to a power supply either directly or through some kind of switch.

- Patrick