A4988 VDD current issue


I received my A4988 driver, hooked it up and everything worked just fine. After few hours of testing my code it seemed like the A4988 was getting hot for no apparent reason and so I began troubleshooting with the bare minimum of powering the unit with connecting just the VDD and GND lines to my Arduino. The A4988 draws 0.85 Amps thru the VDD without the motor, VMOT or anything else other than the VDD and GND connected.
Are there any solutions or has my driver gone nuts?


I am sorry that happened; it sounds like your board is broken. We might be able to help you determine what caused the failure. Is there an electrolytic capacitor in your circuit near the power inputs? Is the current limit on your driver set to any specific value and, if so, what is it set to? What voltage are you using for VDD?