A4988 red setting right value

I am lost!!! I a have Red A4988, i need to sett the voltege out on it. i have read caountless about how but i dont understand my datasheet. How do i do? dont understand the formuel, can some pleas help me explian and do a caluculation ’
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Thanks for the reply, I need to set the a4988 to 1.334v

But my problem is I can’t get i higher then 0.84, then it’s max on the screw. I have a red one is there any difference between green and red?


We do not make any red A4988 carriers, but we are aware of several red knock-off A4988 carriers, so it sounds likely that you are using one of those. If that is the case, then I would not expect our documentation and current limit setting information to be accurate for your board, and I suggest you contact the retailer you purchased it from for support questions.

If you want to try with a genuine Pololu A4988 carrier, you can order one directly from our website or from one of our official distributors.


Thanks, i want to order, but the shipment is to expensive. 2 a4988 is 21 In shipping:/

We’ll see if can find it in Sweden

Thanks for help

International shipping can certainly be cost prohibitive, especially for small orders. You can use the distributor profile pages on our site to see which products the distributors near you have purchased in the last year. For example, you can see that Lawicel AB, one of our Swedish distributors, has recently purchased the #1182 A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier.