A4988 Continuity between the Vdd pin and the GND pin

Please help me with the A4988 driver. there’s a continuity between the vdd pin and the GND pin. Actually, the A4988 was actually working fine while it was driving a stepper motor. Suddendly my stepper motor was no more working. So i have made a continuity test and found out that there is a continuity between the VDD pin and the GND pin.

Is the A4988 driver ok? what should I do? :frowning:


I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with your stepper motor driver. VDD and GND should not be connected together. It sounds like your driver somehow got damaged. Can you think of something that might have been going on around the time it failed? Were all of your connections solidly made?

That driver is probably damaged beyond repair. If you would like to try again with a new driver, please contact us by email, and we can probably get you a discount on a replacement.

- Ryan

I think the VDD pin and the GND pin were accidentally touching each other for a while when it was powered. do you think that the driver has been damaged beyond repaired?

I guess there should not be a flow of current in the driver since both the VDD pin and the GND pin was at the same potential.

No. If you had a short outside the board like that, it is possible that the board is totally fine. Do you have the A4988 with or without voltage regulators? Whatever is supplying Vdd might be damaged. Can you measure your Vdd power supply voltage with your multimeter? Can you post a picture of your setup? It might help us notice what is causing your problems.

- Ryan