A4988 carrier, stall detection

I need to be able to discover the limited range of motion of a knob I’m turning with a stepper motor. The Allegro 4988 seems to provide a way to watch the motor’s current, which I gather would let me detect when the motor is encountering resistance. First: does that seem plausible?

Second: although the chip provides SENSE1 and SENSE2, I don’t see them broken out on the A4988 carrier board. Is there a way to detect stalls?

In general it is very difficult to detect a stalled stepper motor, because there is usually very little back-EMF generated by the rotational motion and hence very little change in the current drawn, whether the armature is rotating or not. It probably cannot be done by with the A4988 chip, but you could use a rotational encoder to detect the limits of shaft motion.