A4988 Capacitor Situation

Hello. I am running 6 Nema 17 stepper motors and as such 6 A4988 drivers. However, I am wondering about the capacitor that is required.

I am using a 12v power supply, and all of the motors will be powered through one 6 way splitter wire from the PSU. For the capacitor, if I was to use ONE 100uF capacitor somewhere close to where all the drivers are, and soldered between ground and V+ (maybe like 4 inches max of wire between cap and driver), would this protect all 6 of the drivers? Or do I have to solder a capacitor individually on each driver between V+ and GND on the driver itself?



It would be most beneficial to have a separate 100µF capacitor for each board, as close to each VMOT and GND pin as possible.