A4988 and Kflop problem


I am trying to drive a stepper which I could drive with arduino uno, problem is that when I plug step/dir and voltages it starts shaking-vibrating the motor and I am not able to send any commands to the motor. It feels like it because some pin is floating(when I get my hand close to a4988 sounds different). I encountered same problem on arduino setup; with arduino problem was, I was taking logic voltage from another source(5V adapter) when I took logic voltage from arduino 5V pin and problem solved. But with Kflop I coundt figure out. Anyone help?

Her eyou can watch it vibrating: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uu0rG_4K5SQ



I am not familiar with the KFLOP, so I cannot be sure that it will work with the A4988. However, I can help you check that your A4988 is set up correctly if you tell me more about your setup. Could you tell me what you set the current limit to and what current rating your stepper motor has? Could post a picture and diagram of your connections?

- Grant


You can find a way of the solution of problem http://www.cnczone.com/forums/dynomotion-kflop-kanalog/292116-a4988-kflop-problem.html#post1816168. Problem was, I was both feeding a4988 Vmot(12V) and Kflop from same source rest of standart wiring.

Thank you.