A4988 and CNC Shield Stopped working

Hello All,
Let me start off by saying that I have been attempting to fix this problem for 8 hours straight without any food or breaks so needless to say that I am at the point of being delusional and apologize if I miss/ forget any important points of information.

I have a Shapeoko 2 machine and it has been working flawlessly. I had not used it in over 6 months and a friend wanted it, so i connected it up and we both used it at my house show i could show him the basics. We wanted to move the machine to his house so we packed all the components up and neatly put them on the baseboard so that everything could be carried at once with by just lifting the whole machine. I cannot stress this enough that we did the moving super gently and no wires we ever disconnected besides the USB cable from the Arduino Uno and the power supply from the wall outlet.

Got to his house plugged the unit into the wall and the USBcable into my laptop and the motors never responded. when I used to power the machine on the motors before they would make a distinct clicking sound like they had been engaged or something.

I have:
1 x CNC V3.1 Sheild
4 x A4988 Drivers
1 x Arduino Uno
4 x Nema 17 24V 1.5A Motors
1 x 24V 5A Power Supply

The trimpots on the A4988 measure 0.6V. I think that the drivers might be fired but after googling how to test if they are fried or not, I was not able to under the instructions. Could someone help me test the drivers or troubleshoot this problem.

I checked that all the wires were connected and secure, if any of the motor wires were loose then only thta motor wouldn’t respond, but my problem is that all of them are not responding. I also measured the voltage at the CNC board and it is 24.2V which is OK. I just can’t seem to understand how to measure the current/volts on the coils and when to measure then,ie do i measure and see a change in the coils while im sending commands to the motor?

Thank You so much for any help in advance

When the motors are stopped, the coils should still be energized, so you can try measuring the voltage on the outputs relative to ground to see if any of them register a voltage. Which version of our A4988 boards do you have? If you post pictures here, I might be able to identify them. The current limit you have set is higher than I would expect any of our boards to handle continuously.