A4983 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier, Reference

I was curious if you had ever considered offering a version of the board with the pot removed, and actually exposing the reference voltage somehow.

We’re experimenting using your motor driver boards, and we would like to be able to programatically ‘control’ the current, to provide a holding current versus a run current. Any comments or suggestions on doing this? We’ve got some move profiles where we would like to basically have 1.5 amps, but a holding current of as little as 250mA would be fine. This would also solve some of the heat related issues people have reported.

Perhaps even better would be a small circuit off to the side which could trigger on the step to kick to a higher voltage, and then step it down after some period in time. This could be built into perhaps the model with the voltage regulators already on board?


Both of our stepper motor driver carriers can pretty easily be modified to do what you want. With both you would start by de-soldering the pot. Then with product #1202 you can use the VREF pin, or with product 1201 you can use the via that is circled on the bottom of the board.

- Ryan

I didn’t even notice there was a via right up to the ref! DoH! Perfect for the testing we’re doing. In the end, we’d end up designing our own board more then likely, but these little puppies are great to play with. :smiley: