A4983 Current per phase clarification

Hi -

I see the pololu description for this breakout indicates up to 2A per coil.

For steppers I understand that 2 coils will be active at a time. So would that mean I could drive a stepper with up to 1A per coil?


“2 A per coil” means that it has a theoretical limit of two amps per coil, so it could conceivably handle a stepper with up to 2 A per coil if you can keep it cool enough. In practice, the driver will start overheating at around 1 A per coil if you don’t take extra steps to keep it cool, such as adding a heat sink.

- Ben

Okay - so to clarify for me 2 coils being active at a time will not exceed the chip if each coil is max 2A? Understood about the practical limitations with heat sink etc. I’m trying to get an idea of the power requirements as well. 2A vs 4A is a big difference for me :slight_smile:

That is correct. The rating is not cumulative, it’s per coil. Each coil can deliver up to 2 A, regardless of whether both are active at the same time or not.

- Ben