a4983 backordered

the a4983 driver carrier is out of stock again.

any idea when it will be back in stock?

why is this particular board always out of stock?


It will probably be a few months before we have the A4983 stepper motor driver carrier in stock, though the version with regulators is still available.

I think saying that it’s always out of stock is a bit of an overstatement since we’ve had it in stock for the past 2.5 months, but part of the difficulty is that lead times in the semiconductor industry are long right now (for example, we’re still waiting for delivery of some parts we ordered in February). Also, for a small company that is constantly releasing new products, it can be difficult to forecast demand, especially for popular products like the A4983 carriers.

- Ben

Thank you for responding so quickly. I can’t wait a few months, so I’ll probably go with a combined 4 axis cnc board from ebay for now, but I’ll keep pololu in mind in the future.