A-star 32U4 LV, connecting servos, power consumption

I’d like to as, assuming i’m powering a PI-ZERO + camera, two DC engines (for this question i assume that DC motors are not running at the same time as Servos), i’d like to connect 3 micro servos. My question is, how to connect the power to the servos, can/should I use the 5V line on the controller as the power line for the servos (i think that a servo can draw up to 1A), maybe I can connect the power straight from the battery to the servos ?


It sounds like you might be referring to our A-Star 32U4 Robot Controller LV with Raspberry Pi Bridge; is that the case? If so, it looks like your servos could draw as much as 3A, which would be more than the regulator for that unit can supply. If your battery is within the voltage range of your servos and motors (for servos that is typically 4.8 - 6V), I do not see any reason you should not be able to power them directly from your battery.