A question of comparison

Gday on our site xsimulator people keep on trying to compare the Jrk12v12 to an Ard running the same H bridge.

[quote] …Arduino…JRK12v12

…Micro…8 bit ATmega328…8 bit PIC18F14K50
A/D converter…10 bit…10 bit
PWM…8 and 16 bit modes…8 and 16 bit modes
Current Limiting…Currently not implemented…Monitors H-Bridge current sense

PID Algorithm…Open Source…Closed Source.


I personally have tried both systems and the Jrk12 can not be matched by the Ard.

The big question is does the Jrk use 10bit or 12bit control on the Feedback, yes we communicate to it with 12bit or is this done internally as people are claiming that its not a 12bit driver at all.

[quote]The 12bit resolution that JRK refer to is the internal calculation and interface precision. This can easily be matched in the Arduino code (although note that the current version of SMC3 only receives 10bit position commands as I found in my tests this was plenty, but can be increased if people want more. I can’t comment on other Ard codes)

There is no reason the Arduino / H-Bridge solutions that use the VNH2SP30 won’t produce similar output to the JRK12V12 – the drive circuitry is the same. Comparison of motion tracking really comes down the differences between the PID algorithms and more importantly the parameters set for the PID algorithms.

Post on our site in question , thought I better provide it in full,
xsimulator.net/community/thr … post-57005
Thanks for clearing this matter in advance.

Could you please bring some light to the subject.
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The jrk uses 12-bit values internally; you can see some of these numbers at the top of the Jrk Configuration Utility. All of the associated values can be seen by running the following command at a Command Prompt:

jrkcmd --stream

When the jrk’s Feedback Mode is set to “Analog”, the 12-bit feedback value is obtained by taking many 10-bit ADC readings and averaging them together.


Thankyou for your precious time and the incredible controller, Jrk12v12 I love them to bits and haven’t found a system that is cheaper or better.

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