A problem on Mini Maestro 18 in USB connection

I try to connect it to PC by USB, it seems my PC doesn’t recognize it and the controller’s USB light is constant red, which means I can’t adjust my controller through software On the other hand, when I use USB to connect, the controller becomes extremely heat in a very short time. Everything is normal before it mess up, I use a type b USB wire, but didn’t notice whether the controller was that heat or not, i bet it didn’t. Now I don’t know how to deal with it and seek for your help.

Like that…


I am sorry you are having issues with your Maestro. The behavior you described is definitely not normal. Can you identify which components on the Maestro board are heating up? Can you post pictures of your setup, including close-up pictures of both sides of the Maestro board?

You mentioned your Maestro was working before; what changed between then and now? Do you get the same behavior if you just connect the Maestro to your computer via USB with nothing else connected to the board?

- Amanda

It’s the chip card that becomes very heat. I don’t think something changed between now and then, because I only use USB to connect and never use series, thus it is impossible to connect wrong power supply or inverse connect, now we deduce maybe it’s the static electricity destroy my board.

It is possible that your Maestro board could have been damaged by static electricity. Do you have any particular reason to suspect static? Did you ever connect a servo to the Maestro board and try controlling it through the Maestro Control Center?

- Amanda