A Beginners's Question


I am making a WiFi controlled robot as my final year project. I want to control the robot using my laptop and using a Wifi Bridge on the robot.

I need to know whether the Pololu motor controllers or servo controllers (serial ones, I am using a Ethernet to serial converter) can simultaneously control two motors ?
I mean how can I give a command to cause both the motors to run in forward direction or in backward direction at the same time ?

I would be very grateful for the help.


Our servo and motor controllers can simultaneously control devices on all of their channels. To control two motors connected to a dual motor controller, just send a command for motor 1 followed by a command for motor 2. The commands are sent sequentially, but the motor response is virtually simultaneous because of how quickly the commands are transmitted and processed.

- Ben

Thanks a lot Mr. Ben. I am really grateful.