75:1 Metal Gearmotor 25D Stops Responding

I know this probably really basic but:

I’ve recently being using the motors listed in the title for a hobby project. To control them, I’ve been using the TB9051FTG Single Brushed DC Motor Driver Carrier and an Arduino Nano Every. Recently when trying to perform PID velocity control, I notice that after extreme oscillations it will stop responding to input. The power supply has been checked and fits the required specs (LiPo 14.8v with 1550 mAh). The really interesting part however, is that if I wait a few hours the motor will start responding again. Another note-worthy observation, is what when plugging motor back it in it will occasionally jump or stutter.



It sounds like you might be triggering you TB9051FTG driver’s over-current or over-temperature shutdown. Do you experience the same problem if you operate your motors in an open-loop control scheme (i.e. without PID)?

In an email to us, you said you were using our medium power (MP) 12V version of our 75:1 25D gearmotor. Can you post some pictures of your setup? Can you also try testing your motor while monitoring the driver’s DIAG pin and the motor outputs with an oscilloscope?

- Patrick