5v output for sensors from G2 18v18 motor driver

I have the dual G2 18v18 driver for the raspberry pi. I want to power sensors requiring 5v power but because the driver HAT covers all output pins on the pi, how can I get 5v output for the sensors? I know that I can get 12v from the VM pins on the driver board, but I need 5v.

Thank you for your help.


You could access power from the driver’s built-in 5V regulator through the VREG or REG OUT pins on the board (if you have not disconnected the regulator by cutting the traces identified in the “Power” section of the product page description).

Alternatively, if you have not soldered headers to your board yet, then you might consider using a stackable female header your Raspberry Pi pins (including the 5V pins) will be accessible.

- Patrick