5V 9A Step-down regulator suddenly stopped working

I’m having trouble with the 5V 9A regulator that I purchased recently from you.
product link

I installed it in my LED project and it was working fine till today.
I’m supplying it 6.3V and was seeing a healthy 5V on the Vout side.
I checked all the solder joints and followed the exact questions that the Pololu employee was requesting on this thread:

When the battery is connected to the regulator, it shows 2.3V across the Vin and GND. When the regulator is un-hooked, the battery voltage was checked across the +ve and -ve terminals, it measured 6.3V.

The enable pin is showing 2V which is weird. No voltage on the PG pin.

So I think somehow the reguator konked on me. Would I please be able to get a replacement? I have a critical project to deliver at the end of this week, and the last thing I was expecting was to have the regulator go out on me. I will also email the sales email referencing this thread.

I have thoroughly checked the connections, solder joints and measured.

Thanks for your quick reply.


Hi, LJ.

We received your request for a replacement via email and have responded there. Thank you for letting us know that you contacted us through multiple support channels.