50:1 Metal Gearmotor (#4753) motor driver

Hello People of Pololu,

We have a 50:1 Metal Gearmotor (#4753), and interested in what motor driver(s) you may recommend, especially something that is in shield form for the Arduino? Upon reading about the 4753 motor, I see that one is advised to operated the motor at only 25% of stall current. The stall current is 5.5A, so I assume that the motor is best to be driven at ~1.3A, yes? If this is correct, wondering if one may use the Pololu Dual TB9051FTG Motor Driver Shield for Arduino (#2520) ? Apparently, the TB9051FTG is capable of driving 2.6A continuously, which is double the recommended 1.3A max of the #4753 gear motor, perhaps this is a good match?

Looking forward to your reply!

Hi, Sean.

Yes, as you mentioned it is best to use our metal gearmotors below 25% of their stall torque or stall current, which is about 1.37A for the #4753 12V 50:1 metal gearmotor. The dual TB9051FTG motor driver shield for Arduino would be a good fit since in addition to the 2.6A continuous current rating it can also handle peaks of 5A. Depending on your application, you might also be able to use something lower powered like our smaller dual MAX14870 motor driver shield for Arduino.


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