4 Nema 8 + DRV8834 and some kind of RAMP?

I’m new on steppers and I would like move the 4 motors independently at diferent time.
I got 4 Stepper Motor 3.9V, 0.6 A/Phase and I bought 4 DRV8834 of low curent for the steppers (I thought it was appropiate, but I’m not sure). Moreover I’ve read I need a ramp to move the 4 steppers .
Could somebody recommend me a ramp (or equivalent) and tell me if the Drive is a good choice

Thanks for your help


It looks like you emailed us about this, but for others who might have the same questions I will repeat the answer here. Those DRV8834 stepper motor driver carriers should be fine with those 0.6A stepper motors. Compatibility with RAMPS kits will likely vary by the kit.

We do not carry any RAMPS kits, but which one you choose would depend on the project (e.g. 3D printer, CNC machine). You might check RepRap and CNC forums to see what they recommend for a project like yours.