3V or 5V N20 motors

Would Pololu be able to provide N20 motors rated for 3V or 5V as a custom order ?


Hello, Daraius.

Our N20-size Micro Metal Gearmotors can run at 3V or 5V with a proportional reduction in speed and torque. For example, a motor with a stall torque of 2.0 kg-cm and free-run speed of 220 RPM at 6V, would have a stall torque of 1.0 kg-cm and free-run speed of 110 RPM at 3V.

Especially if you have the option of using a 5V supply, it seems like our existing motors should still just be able to work for you. However, we can also customize the motor windings to offer different performance levels at lower voltages for sufficiently high-volume orders. Please email us at sales@pololu.com if this is something you would like to pursue further.