37D Metal Gearmotors applicable for my vehicle?

Hi there,

I want to firstly apologise for my inexperience but I was wondering if someone could advise me on whether the 30:1 or 19:1 37D gearmotor would be suitable for my application.

I have calculated that I need approximately 0.7-1N.m torque (for each of 2 motors) and >250rpm. Basically we are driving approximately 30kg in simple curves and want it to reach human walking speeds of 5-6km/h (1.4-1.6m/s).

Will either of the options that I have listed above work for this?

Thanks in advance


Unfortunately, neither of those gearmotors are appropriate for handling that much load. As noted on the product pages for those motors, a general recommendation for brushed DC motor operation is 25% or less of the stall current, which corresponds to about 25% of the stall torque.

Some of our higher gear ratio 37D gearmotors might be able to handle your load requirements, but they would not meet your speed requirements, so you probably will need a larger more powerful type of motor than anything we have available. You might try checking if AndyMark or VEXpro have something more appropriate.

- Patrick

Thanks Patrick, appreciate your response and recommendation

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