36V20CS Dead Time Resistor

I am using the 36V20CS and only need one direction of drive. The datasheet for the A3941 MOSFET Driver shows that by changing the Rdead resistor you can shorten the deadtime. I was wondering which resistor on the 36V20CS board this resistor is and what the supplied value is.


What makes you think the driver is the A3941?

Separately, I haven’t looked at that specific datasheet, but I think for any H-bridge like this, the dead time control is for a single side of the bridge, so that you are only driving in one direction isn’t relevant.

- Ben

The pinout matches the wiring of the board! And the Datasheet has all the same features!

If I use the “Sign-magnitude (drive-coast)” mode per your webpage. Then two MOSFET’s will only be ON during the Drive Mode and All four MOSFET’s will be off during the Coast. So therefore I should be able to reduce the deadtime to zero. This will allow full duty cycle control all the way from 0% to 100%.


Hmm, I forgot about the drive-coast option. We are not fans of drive-coast, and we are not in a position to promise any specific results, anyway, but I do not specifically know that it will not work for your situation, so you could go ahead and try it. Please let us know if you have any interesting results.

- Ben