36v20 CS FF2 high

Hello everyone,
I recently bought a 36v20 CS motor driver for a project that I am working on. I was testing the board to make sure that the PWM was working correctly for my PID loop. I had done testing before and everything seemed to work fine. When I was getting ready to connect the motor to board I did one more test. I connected 5V to the driver and but there was no output being generated. After checking I saw that FF2 was high and FF1 was low indicating a short. The instructions say to pull the RESET low in order to clear the flags but I have done that many times and the flags are not cleared. I connected RESET directly to GND and also tried doing it logically and FF2 is still high. I would really appreciate any help with this ASAP since the project is due soon. I never got to connect the motor to the driver so that is not the problem.

Thanks in advance for any help.


This motor driver does not have a separate 5V input; where did you connect the 5V to? Could you please post some pictures of your setup including all connections?