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#2998 stepper driver sleep and enable inputs

I am using Pololu 2998 stepper driver (TB67S128FTG based board).
It has two disabling (or looking optimistically - enabling) inputs: standby and enable.
I have read the docs but the description of this inputs isn’t totally clear for me - the “standby” input is generally speaking not described and it is not clear what is connected with it. The “enable” input is described better and I understand that it turns MOSFETs off.
I want to turn off the stepper driver when it is not required not to waste power and generate unnecessary heat. What is the correct way of doing this? Which pin should be turned to low - “standby” or “enable”?
Is it reasonable to leave the “standby” high (short it with logic supply) so that the logic always is active and waiting and control only the “enable” input?


On the TB67S128FTG the enable input just disables the MOSFETs. The standby input additionally turns off most of the chip’s logic circuits, which results in a bit lower current draw. The “Electrical Specifications” table in the datasheet shows 1.8mA typical current draw in standby mode, and 5.5mA typical current draw when disabled. As you mentioned, if you want the driver’s logic to always be active, you would leave standby high and just pull enable low when you do not need to control the motor.