25Dx48L dc motor control constants

I am a student for Mechanical Engineering, and I would like to purchase a 25Dx28L DC motor for a control project.
The problem is, that I can’t find the control constants needed for modeling the DC motor and I will be glad if you could tell me them.

The specific ones I need are the torque constant and the speed constant.
It would be even better if there is a more detailed specs sheet that you could send.



We do not have datasheets available for our 25D gearmotors. However, you can approximate various motor parameters from the information found in the “Specs” tab of the gearmotor’s product page. The speed constant can be approximated as the free-run speed (at the rated voltage) divided by the rated voltage. To approximate the motor torque constant (Kt), you can divide the stall torque by the stall current.

In the future, I suggest posting a full description of the product, or links to its product page, so that the answers you get can be more specific to your request.


I’m new here, next time I do it :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!