24V14 with ESP32

Hello Community!
My first post here: just wanted to know if I can control the 24V14 using an ESP32 powered using the onboard regulator (after setting it to 5V output). Main power supply is going to be 24V.
Have a good day!

We have multiple products with “24v14” in the name, but it sounds like you’re probably referring to the Dual G2 High-Power Motor Driver 24v14 Shield for Arduino. If that’s the case, I do not see any obvious issues with controlling it from an ESP32 board, but we do not have any specific examples or resources for doing that. Was there something in particular you were concerned about?


Hello Brandon
Thanks for your reply! Yeah, just forgot to provide the full designation of the motor driver: your guess is fully correct. I was just concerned about the difference between the 5V I would be using to power the ESP32 and the 3.3V that it outputs to the control pins. Glad to know it should work fine!

Just wanted to confirm it works like a charm!
One point though: in order to set the onboard regulator to 5V, why not adopting a simple jumper instead of having to cut a trace? Considering the miniaturization of the board, cutting the trace is rather impractical.

I’m glad you got it working! Thanks for letting us know.

Thank you for your feedback about the regulator trace, we will keep it in mind for future designs. There are a lot of consideration that go into those kinds of decisions (e.g. size, additional components, cost, soldering, simplicity, etc). The board is also in an Arduino shield form-factor and since 5V is too low to satisfy the recommended operating voltage on popular Arduino boards like the Uno R3, I suspect needing to change the regulator voltage is fairly uncommon.