24v13 - Switching PS tripping. Flyback diode?

First steps with Pololu drivers. I have a setting with jrk G2 driving big 24V wiper motors controlled in position. I have to but quite low deceleration ration (around 10/20) to use it or the switching PS I use trips and I have to power cycle it (24V 300W PS but same problem with a 24V 700W PS or my lab PS). Works fine on batteries or with a discreet PS. I am thinking of putting flyback diode to kill the deceleration surge. Will it work ? Do I have better to put it on the jrk side or on the PS side to gain the cable resistance ?
Thanks for your answers,

I am answering to myself. Flyback diode doesn’t do any difference. I guess the current surge of the motor when turned on or off is too high for the switching power supply, causing them to turn their protection on. I have put two 38Ah batteries in series with a trickle charger and it works fine.


I’m glad you found a workable solution with those batteries!

By the way, an alternative would be to use one of these shunt regulators, which are designed to limit voltage spikes when using power supplies in situations like yours.