24V13 help please!

have a 24V13 that i am using to drive a bosch throttle body (its used as a supercharger bypass)
using a Link g4+ ECU which is providing a PWM output which I am reading on multimeter as 5.3V - 0V depending on throttle position @300hz
have SLP and PWM joined and set at 5V
have the PWM going to the DIR terminal.

the board is awake as I am getting 3.3V on the 3V3 pin.
getting nothing across Motor+ / Motor -
have checked and double checked and I cant see what I’ve done wrong.

any assistance gratefully received!

Hello, Marc.

I am sorry you are having trouble getting your G2 high-power motor driver 24v13 to work. We have not controlled throttle bodies with motor drivers like that, so we are not sure how well they would work. If you remove the motor driver from your setup and connect !SLP and PWM to 5V, and connect a multimeter across GND and either OUTA or OUTB, are you able to measure a voltage? (The voltage you measure in this way should be about equal to the voltage supplied to VIN.)

If you are not able to measure a voltage across either of the outputs, can you post pictures that show your motor driver and its connections in the simplified test setup, including the soldered joints?


Hi Jon.
Thanks for your help! Really appreciate it.
Doing as you say, I get Vin across outA and Vin.
0 across other combinations (except gnd and Vin of course!)
Connecting my Pwm to dir this goes to 0 and I get Vin across gnd and outA

Link tells me that their pwm signal drives to ground.
With the dir connected, increasing throttle position (I’ve got this set as the variable for my pwm output from link) increase output across outA and Vin as I would expect.
Hmmmm maybe the throttle motor is US?


ok, so I found the issue - the DC Motor+ wire wasn’t pushed into the motor connector correctly as there was a piece of plastic wedged inside. not ideal for a new connector.
should have checked that
elementary error !

so, I can get the blade moving, and can adjust how quickly, via PWM.

further, by setting up the DIR input as a “boost solenoid” in Link, I can control the duty cycle of the Dir input, which appears to be allowing me to control the blade angle - having this in closed loop mode, allows me to sense manifold boost pressure, and based on engine Revs and intake throttle position, I can vary the blade angle which alters the bypass and thus boost that the engine sees to meet set values in the matrix.

great project!
Thanks for your help Jon. got me on the right track.



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I am glad things are working now; thanks for telling us what the issue was.

By the way, your project sounds pretty cool! If you have any pics or video of the working setup and are willing to share, we would love to see them. (A good place to post those would be the Share Your Projects part of our forum.)