24v12 error messages

i am trying to make an inverted pendulum using two optical sensors, a dc motor, an arduino mega2560 and a 24v12 controller. i have the arduino reading the sensors, and i believe i have the code sending the right info to the controller, but when i plug the 24v12 in i get error after error in the control center. first safe start error, which i disabled, then came kill switch error as soon as i disabled the safe start error, and at one point i had low Vin, not really sure why that one came up either.

i just want to confirm everything is kosher here. i have a 19.5V power supply plugged into the blue connector Vin and ground, and the motor windings connected to outa and out b, the Rx pin is connected to the arduino Tx pin i am using and the cround is grounded to the arduino. am i missing something here? shouldn’t this work?

thanks in advance.


The connections you describe seem correct, but if you post pictures here that show them, I can look for anything that looks suspect.

What is the rated current of your power supply and your motor? Does the motor ever move? Could you save a settings file from your Simple Motor Control Center and post it here? The option to “Save settings file…” can be found in the “File” menu in the top left corner of the control center window.


Well, I am pretty sure I grounded out a wire on one of the motor controllers and now all that comes on is a green light on teh circuit board. I had a back up, took it straight from the packaging and it wont even turn on. Neither will connect to a computer, Windows or Linux. Not sure if there is any salvaging the one that grounded out… as for the brand new one. I have no idea why it won’t even come on.

I am going to order another controller, but until then here is the code I am running. The motor file is the output to the controller. Does this look right?
pendulum_program_PID.zip (3.35 KB)

If your motor controller is not being recognized by your computer, that probably does not have anything to do with the Arduino code. It sounds like one of your connections could be bad. Can you please post pictures that show how you have everything connected in your system? When you were trying the second board, did you try connecting it to the computer without anything else connected to the board? Have you tested the USB port with another device to make sure it was not damaged? Have you verified that the USB cable you are using is a data cable (not just a charging cable) and can be used to communicate with other USB devices?