24v12 and motor wiring distance

I’m using two 24V12 to drive some fans for suction and trasporting paper. But the distance from the 24V12 and the fans is about 1/1,5 meters.
I would like to ask if there are any possible problems, noise or other about this distance, and if the default capacitor installed on 24V12 is good, because I read in the user guide of possible precautions in the case there is distance between the motor and the board.

Thank you very much! :smiley:


It is generally ideal to have the power supply as close to the motor controller as you can get it (i.e. the shorter the supply leads the better). So, since your controller is already close to the supply, the capacitor that comes with the Simple Motor Controller should be fine, and you should not need to add any extra capacitors.

The length of the leads from your controller to the motor might add to the noise caused by the motor. If motor noise becomes an issue for your system, the user’s guide points out several ways to reduce this noise under the “Connecting Power and a Motor” section. You can get to this part quickly by searching the entire user’s guide for “Motor Considerations”.