24v-12 Controller Limit Switch Problem

I am currently using a 24v-12 motor controller to run a 24volt 8amp linear actuator. The controller is controlled by an Arduino board using serial communication. The linear actuators have limit switches built into them that can not be easily connected to the motor controller. The problem is that sometimes when the motor hits the limit switch the motor controller will go into safe start lock out and sends an error code of 0xFEFF. I am not sure what is causing this error and how to correct it. Just to note this error doesn’t happen every time.


Hello, Josh.

I am sorry you are having problems with your motor controller. Could you tell me more about your setup? What are you using to supply power? How much current does the motor draw when the limit switch engages? Could you post a photo of your entire setup, including all the connections? Could you also try connecting the Simple Motor Controller to a computer and see which errors are getting triggered in the Simple Motor Control Center?

- Jeremy

I am having a similiar problem. We have connected the 24v12 Simple Motor Controller to an Arduino board. We have hooked it up to the Simple Motor Control Center and it works fine, however when we run it through Arduino we get back Error Status 0xFEFF and it reads that it is receiving 65000 mV.

Do you know what this problem is and how can we fix it?

Hello, dmacweller.

We spoke about this over email last week. At that time, it sounded like switching your RX and TX lines worked for you. Are you still having the same problem?