21v3 controller current limit

can i configure current in 21v3 from 0-6 Amp, i need this controller for my position control application with hall sensor. and current required up to 6 amp, if not possible with this controller then please suggest other controller with same features and current more then 6 amp.


The jrk 21v3 can only handle 3A continuously (5A peak), so it is not appropriate for controlling a motor that could draw upwards of 6A. Generally, for that amount of current we recommend using our jrk 12v12, so long as the voltage you want to run your motor at is within the operating range of the jrk 12v12 (6V to 16V).

It’s not entirely clear what you mean when you say you want to configure current, but it sounds like you are interested in setting a maximum limit on the amount of current your motor draws, which is something both jrks can be configured to do. You can learn more about how to do that inside the “Limits” subsection of the Motor Options section of the jrk’s user’s guide, which you can finder under the Resources tab of the jrk’s product page.

By the way, the jrk can only use analog voltages for position control, so you might double check that your hall sensor effect sensor has that kind of output.