20D Metal gearmotors max voltage

Hi, I’ve searched in the forum and haven’t found an answer.
I want to use https://www.pololu.com/product/3700 to power a minisumo robot and I want it to be fast. I think this is a good motor because it has a good torque and 590 rpm. But I want them to be as faster, at least 700 rpm with load (500g minisumo).
I know higher voltages can decrease motors life. But have you tested the max voltage so they still work properly?
I guess they can handle a fully charged 2S LiPo, what about 9v, 10v?

Hello, calamarda.

In general you can run DC motors like these at voltages higher than their rated voltage to provide more power in exchange for the longevity of the motor. You might be fine running those motors in the 9-10V range for some period of time, but we do not have any information about how long the motors will last at those voltages.

What are your plans for mounting two of those motors in your sumo bot?


Hi, thanks for the answer.
I will make custom alumium wheels, file a little the bronze ring (the one that holds the shaft) and cut the shaft as well. I think by doing that, two motors can fit side by side.

That sounds like a difficult modification, and it would probably be easy to damage the gearmotors while attempting it. You might consider our micro metal gearmotors. Some of them come close to the same specifications and they are commonly used in mini-sumo robots.