200 HZ PWM Motor Driver - G2 24V13 Will this work?

I’ve been asked by my company to pull together a PWM motor driver at 200 Hz to replicate what a customer is using.

The customer is using a 200 Hz PWM controller which is proprietary so I can’t get one directly. The motor current draw is 3 amps when stalled, operating voltage is 28 VDC.

I bought a little PWM generator with a 5 VDC logic running at 200 Hz that I can vary the pulse width from 0 to 100%. Great.

The idea is to use it as an input signal to the 24V13 using the RC connection with a 28 VDC power supply and get a 200 Hz, manually variable pulse width out that has the current capacity to drive the motor. Is this going to work as envisioned? I ordered a board, but now in reading the user guide, I’m not so sure…

No one?


We have multiple products with “G2 24v13” in the name; which specific product are you asking about? If you are talking about our Jrk G2 24v13, that board cannot operate using a duty-cycle based PWM input. However, our G2 High-Power Motor Driver 24v13 does use a duty-cycle based PWM to control motor speed, though you would need an additional digital signal input to control direction.

- Patrick

Patrick, thank you for the reply.

I bought the #2992 High-Power Motor Driver. It did not come with instructions, nor is there a link to a user guide in the Resources section on the Pololu site or Robot Shop site where I purchased it. Can you please point me to a document on how to apply a PWM input. Thank you!

We do not have a downloadable user’s guide for that product, but all of the information you need to use the driver should be available in the “Using the motor driver” section of the product page description. Your PWM signal should be connected to the PWM pin on the board.

- Patrick