2 Dual VNH5019 Motor Driver Shields with one Arduino Mega?


I have 4 motors to control. Is it possible to use 2 of the Dual VNH5019 Motor Driver Shield for Arduino cards with one Arduino Mega to control all 4 motors with one Mega?



Has anyone done this successfully? I am curious because I am running out of options and I feel as though this card is what I need to use for my motors. I don’t necessarily have to stack the shields so I am reading up on how to use them.

I got this reply elsewhere:

[quote]It is possible to use more than one dual VNH5019 shield on an Arduino, but it would require a lot of changes to get it to work. You would have to remap the control pins, do some additional wiring, and write your own code to set up PWM on the correct pins for all of the shields.

You can read more about how to make some of those changes inside the “Remapping the Arduino Connections” section of the VNH5019 shield’s user’s guide, which can be found under the Resources tab of its product page:


By the way, we break out the connections to the motor drivers along a single side of the shield, so if you do not need to stack the shields, you could just make your logic connections there. This might make using both shields easier.

You can find a similar forum post here:

-Jon [/quote]



Hello, Bex.

As I mentioned in the response you quoted, if you do not need to stack the shields, you can connect directly to each board’s logic connections, which we break out on the side of the shield.

Additionally, someone recently made a modified version of our VNH5019 library that allows people to use any of the PWM pins:


You might find it useful for your project.


Thanks, Jon.

I am really enjoying these cards, they are working much better than the other ones I was using. So far, I really like them.

I now only have to control 3 motors (which is great for me). I have one of the cards stacked and the other card will use the logic connections on the side of the shield.

Thanks for the library, I’m sure it will be helpful for that second shield. I’m very familiar with coding so that part doesn’t worry me so much.



I know this is a long shot but do any of you guys have any images or sketches of how you hooked up the dual motor drivers

Hello, craiga.

We do not have any information that shows how to wire two of the driver shield boards or any example code for doing so, though someone else might post here.