18v7 simple motor control error

i bought 18v7 simple motor controller(fully assembled),and configured using the software for analog pot,when i using it,
its worked the first time after that its always shows the motor driver error
(red led and the software itself), i read through full manuals don’t know what is the problem,may be defective,
is there anyway to fix this or i have to send it back?
the motor control software reporting motor driver error continually,this error accrued even if i ticked the ignore ERR line high, is the motor driver chip is dead? please help to fix this…


Can you describe all the connections you had to your motor controller when it worked and anything that might have changed between then and when it stopped working? What is your power supply and how long are your power leads? A picture of your setup could be helpful.

- Ben

Thanks Ben,
i connected the 10k analog pot to +,- and A1,12v battery to Vin and ground,motor leads to OUT A,B,
the power leads are one meter long,
the motor lead end has a 3.5mm stereo male jack and the motor input connection stereo female jack.
later when i checked the motor wont run ,so i tried pullout the stereo jack and reconnected ,
i don’t know is this cause any short on the leads,if u want i can post some pictures…
hoping my controller wont dead…please help

I would appreciate some pictures. I have not seen stereo jacks used for motor connectors; did you make the connectors yourself? Do you get motor driver errors even when no motor is connected?

- Ben

ya i made the stereo connector for the motor leads for easy connection ,
and s the motor driver error also appears with out the motor connected,im preparing some photos will upload

Hi Ben
these are the controller images,

i am not a electronic person,i am a cinematographer
this project is motorized camera dolly,the motor is 12-24v 2A
before i used l298n chip but its not sufficient,so i bought this controller.
and now i have to move on
because i have to finish it for shoot
so,what are the solution,please guide me

1.can i fix this error by replacing any component?
2.can i use arduino with this controller to bypass the error?
3.i have to buy new one?


Do you still get motor driver errors even when the motor connector leads are disconnected from the controller? (I’m worried the motor leads might be shorted together through your connector.) If so, then the motor driver is likely damaged and would need to be replaced, though it is not obvious to me what might have caused the damage. Please contact us directly with your order information and we can give you an RMA number.

- Ben

Thanks Ben
for ur support,
ill replace the motor connector and shorten the power cable,
is there any other protection like (reverse voltage protection and a fuse) needed?
and can u recommend what connector is good for the motor?