18v7 driver serial communication and pot control

I have a 18v7 driver and arduino uno,
I want to control a dc motor with serial communication and pot control and so far I managed to do them both but discretely.
How do I use serial communcation and pot control together at the same time?
I want that pot control has higher priorty than serial communication.
Is it possible?


You might be able to implement both serial and potentiometer control using your Simple Motor Controller and Arduino. One way to achieve this is to have the potentiometer connected to the one of the Arduino’s analog pins. The Arduino would then send serial commands to the controller based on the potentiometer or the preprogrammed commands (you might also implement a switch to do the override).

Alternatively, you can have the potentiometer connected to the SMC and relay the analog channel readings to the Arduino using the serial variable requests. You can then have the Arduino change the serial commands to set the motor speed depending on those readings. You can find more information on the serial variable requests in the “Controller Variables” section of the Simple Motor Controller User’s Guide.

- Jeremy

Thanks for the answer but I know that I can do by using Arduino,
I was trying to ask that can motor driver(18v7) do that by itself?
If I connect to pot to 18v7 driver and arduino, then when the motor driver is accepting the serial bytes by arduino,
Can the 18v7 driver sense the change in the pot’s resistance like / as a interrupt?

Unfortunately, there is not a feature like that available on the Simple Motor Controller, and I do not have any recommendations other than the methods described in my previous post.

- Jeremy