18v25: Big enough for an electric scooter motor?

'lo, all. As a newbie to the whole of driving motors, I need a bit of help.

I’m looking at the 18v25 as a controller for an electric scooter motor - namely, a 350 watt, 24-volt Currie Technologies motor rated at 22A of current. (This one.) Knowing the 18v25 can go up to 40A with a heatsink, should I be safe?

As it stands this is for a project involving a self-balancing platform (think Segway, but approximately $5700 cheaper) that will be in motion constantly adjusting its’ position to keep a person on it. If the platform will be made out of, say, aluminum, would it be possible to mount the drivers directly to the undercarriage of it and apply heat sink paste? Or would I need another form of heatsink/fan?

I’ve also taken the maximum 30V limit into consideration with the design so far.


Are you planning on powering your motors from a 24V battery? If so, I wouldn’t recommend the 30V max version. I’m also concerned that in your application, the motor might be close to stalled a lot, in which case it might have lots of current surges past the rated current. Can you find out what that 22A rating is? Do you know the motor’s stall current?

We’re working on some higher-power versions; how soon do you need this?

- Jan